DoubleBit Herefords

HH Miss Advance 3151A


Dam:43073867 – HH MISS ADVANCE 0215X ET

AHA Info –

We purchased this Elite Donor Cow at Holden’s in 2019.

Powerful dam, eye-appealing female with extra length and style and beautiful utter.

Dam sold for $15,000. 3151A is backed by four generations of elite donor cows.


HH Miss Advance 5104C ET

Sire: L1 DOMINO 01498

AHA Info –

We purchased this donor cow at Holden’s in 2019.

Utter quality, spring of rib, and extra eye appeal.

Dam of the 9214G bull that had the high-selling sire group at Van Newkirk’s sale this year.

Full sister to the HH Advance 5148C ET sire that produced Holden’s 8132F and 8046F donor cows.